CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that... Can I add my own CGI scripts? Our LINUX web servers have the capability to run CGI scripts in your own 'cgi-bin' directory.... Can I set 'always populate raw post data' in the php.ini file? By default, this feature is off. You can email and request this feature to be... Create Password When asked to create a new password for cpanel, FTP or email access please use the password... Do I get a Site Seal when I purchase an SSL Certificate? Yes you do receive a Site Seal when you purchase an SSL Certificate. Do I use localhost or remotemysqlhost for my mysql connection ? You can view whether your account is using localhost or remotemysql host in your cPanel... Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration If you installed a new script and are getting the 500 error trying to load the page please see... HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error If you installed a new script and are getting the 500 error trying to load the page please see... How do I activate SSL in osCommerce? In order to configure osCommerce to work with SSL please open the file... How do I create a redirect for my site? The redirect option is available in your control panel. Please login into your control pane and... How do I get different character sets to display in HTML? Many web browsers display Western Character Encoding (ISO-8859-1) by default. This means that... How do I limit what the search engines can index ? Limiting what search engines can index using /robots.txt Various search engines such as Google... How do I make a subfolder the main folder for my main domain? The main domain on the hosting account uses the public_html folder for all of its website files.... How do I perform a trace route? Traceroute (tracert) works by sending a packet to an open UDP port on a destination machine. For... How do I reset my password for osCommerce? osCommerce uses .htaccess and .htpasswd format files to manage the protection on the admin... How do I setup custom php.ini settings? We have recently updated many of our shared hosting servers to php 5 with phpSuExec enabled. This... How to Stop A Directory Index From Being Shown Sometimes, for one reason or another, you will have no index file in your directory. This will,... I ordered an SSL or static IP and now my site is down. When you order a SSL we assign a static IP to your account. A static IP is required for... Is PHP compiled with 'enable-calendar'? Web Calendar is available to install under 'Other Services' in the 'Fantastico or Softaculous'... Password protect directories Password protecting a directory will restrict access to certain parts of your website by... What is the meaning of owner, group, and everyone in the permissions panel? - Owner defines the permissions set for your main FTP account. - Group defines permissions valid... What is the path to public html in php? The path to public html is: home/$cpusername/public_html/
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