Can I add an auto responder to my emails? An auto responder can be setup in cPanel to respond to any incoming emails with a... Can I have an .html file calling SSI? Yes and No. You can modify the MIME type by creating a .htaccess file or adding it in the Control... Can we add more services as we grow? You may grow at whatever pace you like. All options can be added or removed at any time to suit you. Create Password When asked to create a new password for cpanel, FTP or email access please use the password... Data Center Locations data centers are located in North America, the UK and Europe. Do you support HTTP/2 ? We do support and enable the new fast HTTP/2 protocol for clients of You should... Do you support IPv6 ? All servers are IPV6 enabled. If your a client of and require a dedicated... Enterprise eMail Business email Enterprise eMail only hosting from $3.45 p/mQ. How will purchasing Enterprise Email benefit me?... Free software Softaculous Heidi MySQL PhpMyAdmin is the most popular way of accessing your databases, but if you prefer to use Heidi... How do I backup my site in cPanel? It is important to have your own backup procedure in place to protect yourself from... How do I change permissions on files and folders? Login to your Control Panel at using your cPanel username and password.... How do I password protect a folder? Within your control panel, you have the ability to password protect a folder within... How do you download raw access logs ? You can download raw access logs through your cPanel account. Login to your account at... Mail-Scanner anti spam and virus cPanel MailScanner ConfigurationMailScanner is free with webhosting from With the... Mysql database and user naming syntax Since we run a shared hosting environment, we have to uniquely identify your usernames to your... Not supported Microsoft no longer support "Front Page" so you should try to avoid using it. Password protect directories Password protecting a directory will restrict access to certain parts of your website by... Softaculous What domain names do you support? We support all domain names, .... including the new .asia. Watch out for over a 1,000 new domains... What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of data moved between your site and the visitors accessing your site. Or... What is HTTP/2? What is HotLink Protection ? HotLink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on your website. Other... What is SSH? SSH ( secure shell) is a Linux based command interface  which enables you to access a remote... What is SSI? Server Side Includes allow users to create documents which provide simple information to clients... What is Virtual Hosting? Virtual Hosting is where multiple web sites ( are served off the same physical... What is the path to my root directory? The path to your root directory is: /home/username/ Obviously, substitute "username" with the... What shopping cart programs do you have ? If you login to you cPanel account at and select... Whats the correct path to perl? Before a cgi script will work certain modifications must be made to them. Certain paths must be... Why doesn't my CGI work? Make sure when you upload the CGI file DO NOT upload in binary mode, instead use ASCII mode.... do you allow cgi? We do allow running of cgi scripts on our servers, however they must conform to our acceptable... easiest way to login to Control Panel? OR for webmail permissions error on cgi directories should be 0755 and all other files 0644 what is SSL ? SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and is the standard means of exchanging encrypted data... where you can learn CGI/Perl? The following is a list of sites we recommend
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