Adding an DMARC record How to create a DMARC record using cPanel Introduction This is a basic cPanel guide on... Do I use localhost or remotemysqlhost for my mysql connection ? You can view whether your account is using localhost or remotemysql host in your cPanel... E-mail Forward and an Auto-Responder? No. Email subaddresses Email subaddresses This feature, also known as plus addressing, allows senders to route a... Enterprise eMail Business email Enterprise eMail only hosting from $3.45 p/mQ. How will purchasing Enterprise Email benefit me?... How can I connect to a MySQL database from Dreamweaver? To connect to a MySQL database from Dreamweaver follow the below steps:Login to your cPanel... How do I create a MySQL backup? There are two ways to back up your MySQL databases. You can use the backup utility in your... How do I create a MySQL database? To create a MySQL database please follow the steps below:- Login to your control panel... How do I import a MySQL database? To import a database follow the below steps:I have a backup of my database that I need to... How do I restore a MySQL database? To restore a MySQL database please follow the below steps:- Login to your control panel... How do I setup POP3 accounts? Login to your control panel as a site admin. Then add a user. The name of the user will also... How do you setup Email Forwards? Login to the control panel for your site. Once you have done this you will be presented a list of... I can't log into MySQL from a remote computer using a MySQL admin tool. To add yourself to the whitelist so that you can connect to mysql remotely using admin tools such... I get a Username And or Password Error The main cause for this is trying to access the e-mail account with the wrong user name/... I would like to dump the Table Structure for my MySQL Database, but none of the data. The command line option from SSH is: mysql -d -p database_name > file.sql. Where... Mail-Scanner anti spam and virus cPanel MailScanner ConfigurationMailScanner is free with webhosting from With the... Problems resolving your mailhost?? If you find that you can't get "" to resolve as a valid SMTP or POP3... Webmail All e-mail accounts created from the "Add/Remove accounts" section of your Mail Menu in cpanel... What are the Basic Connection Settings for MySQL? There are two different ways to connect to a MySQL database: Locally - from a script on the... Why I Can't send mail? Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference... admin approval required In the web-based list administration interface, go to 'Privacy options' and 'Spam-specific... mail server entries I should use? Both incoming and outgoing mail servers should be setup as receive mail addressed to multiple names Yes, a user can receive email for multiple aliases. To set this up, login to your control panel... setup an auto-responder? To setup an auto-responder you will need to be logged into the control panel. Now click on the...
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