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Email subaddresses

This feature, also known as plus addressing, allows senders to route a message directly to the folder of a mailbox.

Email subaddresses use the username+folder@domain format, where username represents the username of the mailbox and folder represents the folder's name.

For example, if you send a message to, the mail server will route the message to the Important folder in the mailbox.


If the folder does not already exist, the system will create that folder.
You must subscribe to the folder in your email or webmail client for the folder to appear.

Delivering sub-address email to your inbox

By default, sub-address emails are delivered to an automatically created folder for each individual sub-address. For example, email sent to is delivered to a facebook folder on the account.
Creating an email filter

Direct all sub-address emails to your inbox by creating an email filter.

From your cPanel account, find the Email Filters option.
Select "Manage Filters" next to your email account.
Click the "Create a New Filter" button.
Choose a filter name (e.g. "Deliver sub-address email to Inbox")
Under "Rules", create the following settings:
First drop down: "To"
Second dropdown: "Matches regex"
Text input: "youraccount+[a-z0-9]". For example if your email address is, enter "john+[a-z0-9]" (preceding any dots with a backslash).
Under the Actions dropdown, select Deliver to Folder.
In the following text input, enter "INBOX".
Click the "Create" button.

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