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Low Cost Web Hosting

Our affordable web hosting services will look after your website and email on our own data servers. This removes the need for you to buy and maintain expensive hardware, and also will counter the disadvantages of using a free service which will not allow you to have your own registered domain name. We operate from data centres in Europe and North America and employs high-speed connections to the Internet, using T1 connections that are linked directly to the T3 lines that form the backbone of the Internet, ensuring high data-transfer rates. In order to keep this equipment running, we employ multiple power supplies, including stand-alone generators, to ensure that power is available at all times. Our data servers are housed in climate-controlled rooms and technical and support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Web Space
Unless your an expert or already have webspace it can be difficult to know just how much web space to purchase. If you website is mainly text with just a few images then our Personal Plan should suffice. Text uses very little web space whereas lots of images can eat it up quickly! If your website is going to host lots of image files then the Business package is your best bet to start with, you can seemlessly upgrade to the Unlimited Hosting package later at any time should you need to. Business clients should use our SME Hosting package which offers unlimited disk space for your website and email.

Join 1uhost.com today and let our online hosting take your business to the next level with our one stop shop. If you have any questions feel free to email our support. 1uhost.com have been offering domain and hosting services for small businesses and professionals since 2001