Domain Search and Registration

Domain Registration Features Include:

Forward your email to an address of your choice by easily creating email forwarders. Point or Park your Domain Name to any other address. Free DNS hosting service which allows you to manage your domain name server records on our globally distributed and redundant DNS infrastructure. Optional Add Privacy Protection to protect your identity. Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our Domain Name Theft Protection. Special Offer! Get a .org .net or .com domain name FREE when you order any annual web hosting plan. Your web domain name will also be renewed each year free of charge for as long as you have an annual web hosting plan with Crown Hosting..

Extra features available when our domain and hosting services are also purchased.

Sub-domains give the website owner the ability to create, manage, and remove subdomains. Subdomains are URL address for different parts of a website. An example of this would be a site named sample.tld having a subdomain of a.sample.tld that goes to a different directory or location. Addon Domains allow a website owner to host a completely different website under their account. This would let the owner run a site called sample.tld and a site called default.tld as if they were two completely seperate accounts. The website owner sets the Addon Domain to exist in a sub section of their home directory. Parked Domains allow website owners to point additional domain names they own to their site. If sample.tld owned test.tld, Parked Domains would allow the owner to point test.tld to sample.tld. All of this can be done with one simple form. Parked Domains will also allow a website owner to point an Parked Domain to a directory of the main domain. This would mean test.tld could point to the sample.tld/test/ folder. Redirect domains function allow website owners to redirect one web page or website to another and display the contents of that page or site. This is ideal for pages that have long URLs and a website owner wishes to create a redirect from a shorter link. A website owner can create modify and remove Redirects through a simple interface and with little or no knowledge of Domain Name System (DNS). You can select the type of redirection needed—temporary or permanent. The Temporary 302 setting will not update the visitor’s bookmarks.The Permanent 301 setting will notify the visitor’s browser to update its records.