HTTP/2 Faster websites from 1uhost

  • Tuesday, 11th April, 2017
  • 20:07pm
Hello, We are please to let you know that faster website page loads are now possible thanks to us introducing HTTP/2 on all our servers. HTTP/2 is the first new version of the HTTP protocol since HTTP 1.1, which was standardised way back in 1997. HTTP/2 means faster loading of scripts and images through its use of multiplexing and other improvements to the HTTP protocol. Caveat. To benefit from the speed improvements you will need to access your website over a secure TLS / HTTPS connection ( HTTPS = secure connection, HTTP= insecure connection ) and that means installing an SSL certificate. If you don't already have an SSL certificate we can install a basic level certificate for you free of charge, just submit a support ticket and request one. Please note the basic level free SSL certificate should NOT be used on websites that either store sensitive client data or are e-commerce websites. If you run a website like this then please contact us to purchase a more secure advanced SSL certificate to obtain the HTTP/2 speed benefits. Page Ranking. As a side note to using secure HTTPS, Google and other search engines now penalize websites in their page ranking algorithm for not using a secure connection, so it looks like using HTTPS will eventually become the norm for accessing websites. Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS You can redirect your websites to use HTTPS by either editing the code in your website or by simply using the redirect tools in your cPanel control center. If your using WordPress for example, you could simply add an 's' to the URL site address in WordPress>>>WP-admin>>>Settings>>>General>>>Site Address (URL) Thank you for your patronage as we continue to work toward providing you with the best possible service.
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